Athlone Hypnosis, Westmeath Hypnotherapy, Ireland


"Finally i stopped smoking 20 cigarettes a day. I never felt better now I have the energy to go to the gym. Thanks."
Paul (Mullingar)

"It is six months on and I am four stone lighter. I look and feel great. You have made it so easy. Cheers!"
Edel. (Athlone)

"Since I was a child I was afraid of frogs, now I don't pay any attention to them in my garden. Thanks."
Linda. (Kiltoom)


What is hypnosis?

Ok, I'm going to explain what hypnosis is like. Do you drive a car? if the answer is yes then have you ever driven from point A to point B but not remembered much about the journey? You were not asleep when you were driving and in reality your senses were hyperalert if an emergency happened you would be able to step on the brakes or avoid the obstacle in your way.This is an example of hypnosis. When you are hypnotised you senses are hyper acute and you are aware of everything around you.

How does hypnosis benefit me?

Yes hypnosis will give you the tools to change your feelings about food, smoking, fears and phobias and whichever areas of your personal life you would like to improve or change. It has been around for a long long time and proven so effective it has been used by doctors and even dentists!

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes hypnosis is 100% safe. When you are been hypnotised you are fully aware of your surroundings. I will only ask you questions or give you positive suggestions that your subconscious mind can accept or reject. I will not ask you to bark like a dog or ask for your bank details. At any time you are free to walk out the door if you wish. Even if i stop speaking for a while you will be able to come out of hypnosis in your own time, you will not stay in a hypnotic trance as some people believe.